What is a clinical trial?
Clinical trials are well-defined, well-monitored, guided procedures of experimental or new medical treatments. They are used to assess the efficacy, side effects, and potential implementations of medications, procedures, and other treatment alternatives. Clinical trials are important for medical progress. Patients can enroll in them voluntarily under the supervision of medical staff. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses information gathered in clinical trials to evaluate new medications and medical procedures. Before a treatment or medication is approved by the FDA it must be studied in three phases of clinical trials.
Who conducts a clinical trial?
The clinical trial is overseen by a medical doctor also referred to as the Principle Investigator. The staff at Great Lakes Research Group is comprised of physicians, nurses (RN, LPN), medical assistants, and other health care professionals.
What is an Informed Consent Process?
Informed Consent is a voluntary agreement to participate in a research study. It is a process, in which the subject has an understanding of the research and its risks. Informed consent is extremely important before enrolling a participant and is ongoing once enrolled. An informed consent form will be provided to you before you agree to participate. A copy will be given to you for your records.
What do I need to know before I participate?
Before you participate in a research study, you will be provided materials that thoroughly explains the trial. It details what kind of treatment you will receive, what type of tests or procedures will be done as part of your participation in addition to all of the benefits and risks associated with the medication or procedure. You will receive an informed consent form to sign before you begin study participation. The informed consent is a process required by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that ensures patients are given complete information about a clinical trial prior to their participation. In order to join any clinical trial, each participant must read and sign an informed consent form before any treatment or testing related to the clinical trial is started. This is to help ensure that every participant understands his/her role and rights in the clinical trial. You will be given a copy of the informed consent after it is signed.

At the start and throughout the study, you will be able to ask our study team any questions you may have regarding the study or treatment. Participants may withdraw from a study at any time, even if you have not completed all of the scheduled visits of the study.

Will I be compensated?
You may be compensated for your time and travel while participating in a clinical trial. Compensation varies depending on the study and study sponsor. Most sponsors provide compensation to patients.

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